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Located in George West, Texas, in the heart of South Texas Cattle Country, Smith Herefords is a family-run operation that spans 4 generations. The ranch was established in 1914, with a focus on producing functional Hereford cattle, for profit-minded cattlemen. This philosophy of sound, profitable, hardy cattle, is carried on today by 3rd generation rancher, Charles Smith, and his son, 4th generation rancher, Ward Smith.

The focus of our program is soundness, and the ability to withstand rugged conditions. Our Hereford bulls must be good travelers to do their jobs in the harsh Texas climate and thorny vegetation. The Hereford females we raise have to know how to hunt for available forage to be productive. We achieve these goals through our unique development program and genetic selection.

Over the years, we have heard from many ranchers about bulls from different breeds that “fell apart” when turned out for the breeding season. Those bulls were unable to maintain body condition during hot, dry conditions. Our Hereford cattle are grown, and raised at our ranch, and we do not use any outside feeders to develop our cattle. We have generations of knowledge when it comes to raising cattle on high roughage, low grain ration, fed below recommendations – and having a vet on staff, (in the family), give us an advantage in “outside the box” development techniques. This program teaches our bulls and heifers to go out and forage on their own. Our customers know that when they purchase cattle from Smith Herefords, they can count on an animal who can perform in the most difficult environments.

In addition to the high roughage, low grain feeding program, we do mix a crude ration that consists of ground hay and small amounts of brewers grain. Feeding less than recommended amounts keeps our cattle hungry, and looking for natural forages, forcing them to travel and become conditioned to our rugged ranch environment. During harsh times, we still recommend providing bulls with a little supplement, to keep their body condition up, and removing them from cows when the breeding season is over. Over-conditioned bulls and heifers are pretty to look at, and often top the market at a sale, but struggle to perform when it is time to go to work.

Our cow herd also has access to Mix 30, which is a high energy liquid feed. As range conditions change cattle naturally consume more or less according to their body’s nutritional requirements. For example, if it is a green spring, cattle will consume almost no Mix 30. But as grass becomes dead and dry in the summer or fall, and loses its nutritional value, cattle with instinctively consume more Mix 30. First time mothers who are trying to raise a calf, finish growing, and losing their teeth, find liquid feed easier to consume than hay or cubes. Same goes for older cows that are still productive but have worn out teeth.

The mission of Smith Herefords has always been to do business with integrity, keeping repeat customers in mind. We want to earn your trust, and be your top choice for range-ready Hereford cattle year after year. We look forward to doing business with you.

Determination, Courage and A Sense of History

Smith Herefords was featured in the 1997 June/July issue of Texas Hereford Magazine. This article gives a lot of great history about our family and the ranch, and we are excited to share it with you.

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